From 1st March 2022

Summary of fees

  • Free initial 15 minute telephone consultation (the purpose is to discuss your specific needs, describe the service available and allocate a therapist suitable to work with your child).
  • £75 per therapeutic hour (45 minutes face to face and 15 minutes note taking)
  • £90 per 60 minutes needed for face to face initial assessments, reviews, meetings, written reports and some therapy sessions (Parent Child Interaction Therapy and some stammering approaches)

Payment is due the day before the first therapy appointment to secure the booking.  All other therapy sessions will be invoiced for at the end of the month.  Payment is expected via BACS within 7 days of the invoice.  We may not be able to keep your therapy slot available if the invoice is not settled within 7 days.

Selective Mutism Assessment and Diagnosis Packages £350-£500

Parents will be quoted for some specific work requested such as Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) reports and Selective Mutism assessments.  Screening with advice to full assessments and treatment plans are available and usually cost between £350 to £500. A specific quote is provided before work begins as this is an extensive piece of work including:-

  • Information gathering and assessment sessions with parents
  • Liaising with other professionals working with the child and reading of professional reports
  • Thorough written report including conclusions and recommendations
  • Feedback and follow up sessions with parents

Autistic Spectrum Conditions Diagnostic Assessment £1950

Hegarty Therapy collaborates with Dr Kat Gardner, Clinical Psychologist, from Green Shoots Psychology to offer comprehensive Autistic Spectrum Conditions Diagnostic Assessment.

The basic package that covers the best practice guidance consists of:

  • Pre-assessment information gathering from parents (including review of relevant records if possible).
  • Two clinicians for an initial diagnostic assessment involving;
  1. School liaison
  2. Completion of Social Responsiveness Scale by parents and school plus other relevant questionnaires.
  3. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)
  4. Developmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview (3DI)
  5. Report writing including conclusions and recommendations
  6. Separate meeting to feedback the results of the assessment

Travel and Parking

Travelling for home, school, and other visits will be charged as follows: –

  • Within Brighton and Hove travel is included for no extra charge
  • Outside Brighton and Hove: £1 per mile travelled (round trip) from BN2.  Please do get in touch for a specific quote as sometimes travel can be discounted if there is more than one client in the area.

Any on-street parking fees, if needed for the therapist to visit, is charged to the client.

Room hire and use of clinic spaces

Families can travel to visit us in one of our clinic spaces in Brighton and Lewes for an additional charge of £15 per hour.  The room fee will be charged for any cancellations made with less that 24 hours notice.

Cancellation policy

Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of appointments. Please note, parents are responsible for informing us of any activities that may result in a session being missed. It is not the school’s responsibility; any missed appointments, where 24 hrs have not been given, will be charged for.  If two appointments in a row are cancelled, we may not be able to keep open your allocated therapy slot.

Before an initial consultation, parents and carers will be emailed our full Terms and Conditions.