Parent of a Young Child who Stammers

Sandra is an incredible Speech Therapist and we feel very lucky that we found her to help our 7 year old daughter with her stammer. Our daughter’s stammer was not extreme, but it was enough to start affecting her self-confidence. Sandra guided us through the Lidcombe programme, making sure that we use a variety of exercises in our daily sessions to keep our daughter engaged. She explained to our daughter that daily exercises would mean more of special mummy and daddy time with her alone and we all enjoyed those sessions. Our daughter was at ease with Sandra and connected with her, even more, when she learned that Sandra stammered when she was young.

Sandra’s encouragement and guidance has been invaluable. We worked daily with our daughter for a few months, and the progress has been remarkable. Six months after the first meeting with Sandra, our daughter’s stammer was barely noticeable. We are now exactly one year since our first session and I am happy to report that our daughter is now entirely stammer-free. She finished the programme with a huge sense of achievement and her confidence has grown along the way. Her life has changed for the better, and for that we will be always grateful to Sandra.