Parent of Pre-School Child with Social Communication Difficulties

First of all, Anne is fantastic and we are so happy to have her supporting our son! From the very first session, he has been able to engage with Anne in a way we haven’t seen him engage with anyone else. Her gentle, child-led approach meant that he very quickly felt comfortable with her and he always seems really happy to see her.

Our son really struggles with any form of demand and this makes him shut off from others, Anne has been brilliant at finding ways of encouraging him to communicate and engage in the sessions without him feeling like demands are being placed on him.

His confidence in communicating, and especially with his speech, has soared since his sessions with Anne started a couple of months ago. It was been wonderful to see his confidence building and his frustration gradually reducing.

He enjoys his sessions with Anne so much that initially, he would be very upset that she was leaving at the end! Thankfully, he now understands she is coming back, so the end of the session is easier for him.

Anne is always very open to discussing what we want for our son, any ideas or concerns we have at home, and answering any questions we have. She has also been really helpful in offering advice to support some challenges he has had at nursery due to communication/understanding.

Both my husband and I are incredibly happy to have Anne as part of our son’s little team!